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FAB! and FAB 2.0

EDE dances the Beatles

An entire evening devoted to the music of the Beatles with new choreography set to covers of the Fab Four’s hits.

2008 Credits

Choreographers: Keesha Beckford, Julie Cartier, Leah Chernoff, Christina Ernst, Mike Gosney, Eddy Ocampo, Shelby Moran, Bea Rashid, Jenny Shore Butler

Costume Design: Nikki Delhome

Lighting Design: Christopher Ash

Projection Design: Christopher Ash

Photos by: Matt Glavin

2014 Credits

Artistic Direction & Choregraphy: Béa Rashid and Christina Ernst

Additional Choreography: Laura Berman, Ericka Vaughn Byrne, Julie Cartier, Mike Gosney, Keerati Jinakunwiphat, Eddy Ocampo, Stephanie Paul, Enid Smith, Allison Kurtz Volkers

Lighting Design: Becca Jeffords

Costume Design: Izumi Inaba

Projection Design: Joseph Burke, Christopher Ash

Video Excerpts from FAB! (2008)

_PMG8133 copy.jpg

fab!/fab 2.0

Photos from FAB 2.0 (2017)

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