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Interested in making a donation right now? Use our PayPal link below to give to the gift of dance.  


Here are many of the businesses

that donated auction items

to our February online auction.

Please support them - 

tell them we sent you!

Other Events

The Ensemble and Board of Directors put on multiple events throughout the season where proceeds go towards the Evanston Dance Ensemble. For instance, be sure to check out our popular annual storytelling showcase "Do Tell" held in Studio5.

thank you to our donors!

This list reflects cash donations in FY22 from 10/1/21 through 9/16/22

angel: $1,000 and up

Mark Kishler and Patty Acha


Zephyr Balch

Jennifer Michael and Chris Beck

Margaret and Louis Biolsi

Debbie and Bob Burns

Jennifer and Larry Byrne

Barbara and Michael Davis

The Evanston Arts Council

Becky and Paul Fields

Bethany and John Goodman

Seth Weinberger and Barb Goodman

Jenny and Joe Higgins

The Illinois Arts Council

Faye and Josh Jacobs

Patti and Cory King

Kelly Cutler and Vic LeSage

Jessie and Douglas MacDonald

Tara and Brian Norris

Tina and Rick Malnati

Ariel Orlov and Steve Mayer

Steve and Béa Rashid

Regina Sant'Anna and Doug Skites

The Sullivan Family Foundation

benefactor: $500-$999

Jeanine and Carl Brownell

Paula Steiner and David Hellman

Carol and Randy Long

Leslie and Chad Luning

Wendy Nicholson

Tara and Brian Norris

Prism Advisors

Béa and Steve Rashid

Christie and Dan Robinson

Dale and Milner Seifert

Allison and Chris Tirres

Maricruz Ponce de Leon and Hieu Ton-That

Elizabeth and Aaron Van Nice

BOOSTER: $250-$499

Jessica Broadworth and Linda Adamowski

Libby Ester and Mike Brody

Rachel and Adam Chiss

Alissa and Jin-Ho Chung

Jon Klein and Susan Cohn

The Dercksen/Avril Family

Melissa Dobbins

Rachel Abramson and Bill Dolnick

Stephanie Davis and Brad Dunlap

Tracy and Alby Gallun

Kathy and Chuck Harper

Juliet Bromer and Joshua Hauser

Dan and Suzanne Kanter

The Krulee Family

The Linder Family Fund

Sarah Loeb

Erin Wig and Dan Maram

Anne Leyden and Mike Meyers

Carol and Pat Navin

John Nawn

John Powers

Keith and Sharon Robinson

Mary Jo Schmitz

Larry and Cindy Shanker (in honor of Faye Jacobs)

Daniel and Lisa Stein

Anne and Greg Taubeneck Family Fund

Darcie and Chris Wallace

Scott and Amy Weyman

Julia and Conrad Winkler

associate: $50-$99

Heidi Bloom

Deborah Darr

Bernard and Sally Dobroski

Eileen Durkin

Flavia Yamanoto-Nicolucci & Stewart Figa

Judy and Bob Freilich

Sharon Gilmore

Dan and Virginia Hansvick

Jennifer Moran and Tommy Herman

Betsy Herskind

Janet and Brian Hoffman

Amy and Tim Hogan

Judy and Bob Kemp

Mary Kishler

Ruth Landis

Laurel Lawson

Robert and Judith Macnamara

Peggy and Daniel Marren

Matt Gehringer & Su Metzel

Joel and Greta Michael

Rick and Joyce Morimoto

The Nicholson Family

Molly Gallo Numark

Claire O’Leary

Lisa Lauren and Bill Pollack

Christopher Rutt

Penelope and Toby Sachs

Linda and Ernie Schubert

Timothy Sherck

Corky and Bill Siegfriedt

Newland and Martha Smith

Chris and Ann Tomlins

Maurren Toomey

Joe and Carolyn Wig

Andrew Wilder

Richard and Amy Woodbury

Melanie and Paul Wright

supporter: $100-$249


Nancy and Ken Arlen

Victoria Zielinski and Paul Barrosse

Arica and Matt Barton

Jeffrey Usow and Jan Bartoszek

Linda Bierig

Blaine and Mardi Brownell (in honor of Ana Luz Tirres)

Abby and Michael Carnow*

Myron Siciak and Julie Cartier

Vorapun Charumas

Julie and Josh Chernoff

Maria and Sunil Chopra

Aki Knezevic and Mickey Collins

Jeff Balch and Dori Conn

Rosina DeVries

Christina Ernst

Tony and Carol Feiock

Vanessa Filley

JF Gaillard and Kimberly Gray

Michael Hans (in honor of Sanna Longden)

Kristin and Charles Harper

Brian and Sheri Higgins

Lauren and John Hines (in honor of Faye Jacobs)

Karen Ho

Johnse Holt

Garrett and Melissa Hohimer

Susan Horn

Becky and Brady Huston

Kathy Kann 

Rick and Cheryl King

The Krefman Family

Meg Krulee

Jon Bamel and Andrea Kurtz

James and Marlene Kurtz

Amelia Langas*

Jackie and Peter Langas

Fred and Laurie Levy

Shirley and Khalil Liddell

Maureen and Ted Lucore

Laura Marmash

Bridget McDonough

The Mellican Family

Joel and Greta Michael

Jeff and Sandy Merwin

Mary Beth and Chas Mikrut

Sarah Miller

Mike Moran

Kevin and Barbara Murphy

Suze Anne Norton

Marcia Powers

Christopher and Jen Puccini

Jill and Paul Schoenwetter

Alyse Freilich and Andrew Schulkin

Larry Stoler and Amy Schuman

Lisa and Pete Seegers

Terry Shewfeldt

Billy Siegenfeld

Paula and Craig Sjogerman

Joyce Elias and Scott Steinman

Wesley Burghardt and Angela Stramaglia

Martha Mulligan and Johan Tabora

Abbey and Paul Turilli

Marianne and Frank Weissert

Eric and Cynthia Witherspoon

Elsa Alvaro and Angel Yanguas

Friend: up to $49

Jacob Buerger

David and Katherine Burnham

Benjamin Davidson

Janet Alexander Davis

Gina and Todd Ehlman

Lynn and Brent Fiedler

Linda and Larry Fisher

Sheila and Robert Hanford

Kerry Hubata

John and Kathy Huston

Leonid and Elena Kherson

Dmitry Kherson

Marla Lampert

Bob and Ellie Lee (in honor of Sophia King)

Claudia Lockhart

Stuart Novy

Brigitte and Jose Oberholzer

Karen Rigotti

Penny Rotheiser

Celeste Cifala and Rene Roy

Horst and Sara Schastok

Jane Siarny

Diane Weil

Marc Wilson

Gretchen and Michael Wooldridge

Virginia Zboralski

2022-2023 season sponsors

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