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Evanston Dance Ensemble _ Space Odyssey.

Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey 

The Solar System in Dance

(2001, 2008, 2019)

Blending science and myth together through theatrical choreography. Each original dance captures the unique physical and mythological aspects of the planets, the sun, and comets through an eclectic array of ballet, jazz, and modern movement. Each planet is also given a distinct musical personality, and various props – such as bands, balls, capes and a celestial slide show – are used throughout.

Choreographers: Annie Arnoult,

Julie Cartier, Christina Ernst, Lady Holly Hathaway, Roberta Pfeil-Begley, 

Bea Rashid

Original Music: Steve Rashid

Costume Design: Annie Andrews

Video Excerpts Space Odyssey (2008)

Lighting Design: Andrew Wilder; Becca Jeffords

Projection Design: Lynne Koscielniak; Joe Burke

Photos by: Matt Glavin

Photos from Space Odyssey (2019)

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