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Body of Work

Body of Work

The Dance of Art (2011)

If impressionist painter Edgar Degas was inspired by the ballet, what or who inspired his dancers? Visual art in its many forms is the inspiration for Body of Work. From Chagall’s windows to Leonardo da Vinci’s hands to the temples of the ancient Greeks to the photographs of Ansel Adams to the mobiles of Alexander Calder, the choreographers have selected a wide ranging group of artists and art forms to use as inspiration for their pieces.

Choreography: Annie Arnoult, Victoria Barlow, Julie Cartier, Christina Ernst, Mike Gosney, Monique Haley, Allison Kurtz Volkers, Amelia Nawn, Stephanie Paul, Bea Rashid, Enid Smith

Lighting Design: Margaret Nelson

Projection Design: John Boesche

Costume Design: Izumi Inaba

Photos By: Matt Glavin

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